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Service Quality Initiatives


A great deal of attention is paid towards designing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) at Expressit. This SOP is documented using ISO 9000 standards and circulated to all the operating unit heads. Training in SOP, constant audits, identifying deviations and promptly implementing Corrective Action Plans is the hallmark of Expressit’s approach ensuring service quality which is superior to what is currently offered by others in the Industry, and which has helped it gain customer confidence.

Seamless integration with the IT capability and effective use of the Internet have given the company an edge over its competitors and is viewed as being on par, in terms of capability, reliability, responsiveness and quality consciousness with the leader in the industry.
Cross Functional National Service Quality team comprising Operations, Customer Relations, Marketing, Accounts and IT professionals has been set up to monitor and achieve key bench-mark parameters determining superior service quality.
Service Quality Index (SQI) report of every branch across the network is created and relays this information.s
Quality Audit and Training team (QAT) has been set up. The brightest minds from across the enterprise customers have been inducted into this team.
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